Kimi no Kakera - review

Princess of the snow

Kimi no Kakera review is on a very sad anime. It was written by  Shin Takahashi who also wrote Saikano another sad anime. OK so yes it is moe. There is a princess who lives in a land of never ending snow. She was abandon by her parents at an early age. They told her they were looking for the sun. Icoro is her name 

For some reason in this world of Kimi no Kakera the sun went away. OK so now there is always night and never day - meanwhile it is always snowing. Talk about a metaphor for the coldness of the sad life of icoro.

She is mistreated by her guardian SHAH who uses her as a slave even. Also, she must care for her blind brother Mataku who cannot see. He is very young. Also she takes care of gramma. She is a lady of advanced age. This is truly the case of the sad girl in the snow. Often she is crying. Icoro has a problem where she cannot smile and says she has a piece missing. This means she is a Hitogata or doll instead of a real person. She has a special neck lace with powers.

A group of thieves called war mongers want to steal it so she runs away. Her companion is Shiro the white hair young man. Shiro is very strong, but he is a commoner. He cannot marry a princess. He is also a Hitogata and not a real person. Fact is, he can feel no pain. That is his missing piece. Together they evade the war mongers. Also, they search for the missing sun.


There is a legend that there was once a big bright light in the sky name sun. Sadly, that was many years ago. It helped keep the world warm. Well, now it is gone.

Icoro - the snow princess. She is a child that can smile never. Shiro - her protector is a strong young man.

I really do like Kimi no Kakera, but it is a sad anime. Please enjoy the adventures of the snow princess. I did say enjoy.